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Flexo Print Service

For larger volume orders we use our flexographic printing presses. Photopolymer printing plates are wrapped around rotating cylinders on a web press. The inked plates have a slightly raised image and rotate at high speeds to transfer the image to the natural greaseproof paper.

Unlike the individual sheets of paper often used in offset printing, the rolls of material used in flexography allow us to run large orders at extremely high press speeds with few interruptions to reload the substrate.

The cost of the flexo printing plates may seem relatively high when compared with those for litho but when they are properly cared for they last for millions of impressions. That's when you order a reprint there’s not an origination or cylinder charge.

The black ink we use on our flexo printing presses is the same as that in our in unique Au Naturel range. It is part of the next generation of water-based/natural printing inks. Being 100% natural the ink is glycol and silicone free, contains no heavy metals and are near zero VOC levels.
Natural waxes are used to replace standard synthetic grades, and natural oils used to defoam in place of mineral oils and silicones, ensuring the
ink is completely in line with food packaging regulations.

The inks  are low viscosity, low foaming, and ensure a lower dot gain than standard inks when printing leading to sharper image reproduction, and they are stable over long runs the images stay sharp and clean.

Litho Print Service

Our economical lithoprint service is ideal for short print runs of 1000 to 20,000. Create your own unique design using your logo or brand message and see how our natural greaseproof paper can be custom printed to produce an attractive versatile product suitable for both hot and cold food and a wide range of applications.

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Proofing for Peace of Mind

Our standard service includes you receiving a pdf to pass for press, but when design professionals are delivering a brilliant concept they need to depend on a perfect proof. For a small number of customers we may, therefore, recommend that a proof should be produced in addition to a pdf. We will let you know if one is recommended.

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100% Natural Paper & Inks

If you really care about your customers. If really care about the food your customers eat. If you really care about the environment. And, if you really care about the future then our Au Naturel” range is for you. Using natural greaseproof paper and the next generation of natural inks this really is the natural solution.
Don't delay, order today.

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